The P2PP Tool - Download area

Since Period 90 with P2PP 3.3.x it is now possible for a PI of an observing run to allow another user to create the OBs, READMEs, etc. using the user's own User Portal account. See the P2PP documentation and the Access Control ESO webpage for further details.

P2PP Files

Current versions:
  • 2.13.2 (For La Silla)
  • 3.4.2 (For Paranal)

NB: Version 3.4.2 of P2PP includes new features linked to the use of the unified Guidecam tool. Note that this version P2PP requires Java 1.7 or higher. Version 2.13.2 (for La Silla) has some internal database compatibility fixes.


Download P2PP 3.4.2

Download P2PP 2.13.2