P2PP version 2 — Cache Folders

Personal Local Cache folders

For security reasons, all users are strongly encouraged to specify a personal Local Cache folder. Please refer to the P2PP User Manual for details on what Local Cache folders are and how they are used by P2PP. If you do not specify a personal Local Cache folder, then by default P2PP will try to create the cache and "impex" folders in the P2PP rootdirectory, which will fail if you do not have write permission there.Furthermore, these central folders may be deleted or over-written if you reinstall P2PP.

To specify a personal Local Cache folder, you must create a .p2pp.cf file in your Unix home directory which contains the following lines: CACHE.FOLDER "/home/username/cache"
IMPEX.FOLDER "/home/username/impex"
INSTRUMENTS.IPVERSIONING.IPCACHE.FOLDER "/home/username/cache/instruments"

where /home/username must be replaced by the path to your Unix homedirectory.

These folder definitions determine where P2PP tries to create the LocalCache and where it tries to import/export files. The definitions above will cause P2PP to create sub-directories called cache and impex in the directory /home/username. (Remark: although '/home/username' is the most commonly used directory for the location of the cache, you can in fact enter any path/directory combination you wish, provided you have write-permission to it).

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