p2 - Help

In the following we provide some key definitions which will help the users to familiarize with the ESO Phase 2 basic concepts.

We recommend our users to refer to the instrument user’s manuals or template manuals for an extensive description of the templates of a specific VLT instrument. All manuals available for downloads from the ESO web pages

Before starting to use p2 please familiarize here with the general concepts related to the preparation of the Phase 2 material.

A short description of few basic advantages related to the use of the web p2 interface can be found here.

p2 is implemented using Google’s angular framework [https://angular.io]. Please check here for a complete list of supported browsers. 

Please see the 2 minutes video showing the basic concept of OB preparation and notification report.

OBs and scheduling container status

Please check here for a legend explaining the meaning of OB icons used in p2 and the meaning of different OBs and scheduling container status flags.