eclipse newsletter 5.0

A word to our users

Dear eclipse users,

This eclipse version 5.0 is the last one. There will be no additional support any more, no bug fix, no new release.

The pipelines it supported so far (ISAAC and NACO) have been converted and use now a different C library (CPL). The ISAAC pipeline version 4.2.0 and the NACO pipeline version 2.1.1 are the last eclipse version and are part of the eclipse 5.0.

The new ISAAC 5.0.0 (and later) and NACO 3.0.0 (and later) CPL based pipelines will be made public soon.

See the attached release notes for a detailled list of new features:

Y. Jung
Fri Sep 23 16:31:09 MEST 2005

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