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Intensity Transformation Tables

In addition to a LUT you can also apply an intensity transformation table which maps pixels through a table before using them as LUT index. Using ITTs enables you to apply modifications to the displayed image without actually changing the data in the image channels. The ITTs are emulated by convolving the ITT values with the current LUT. Like for LUTs, interactive modification of an ITT is done via the arrow keys.
The main commands which control the ITT functions are:
LOAD/ITT - load an ITT
GET/ITT - read back an ITT
MODIFY/ITT - modify the ITT interactively
CLEAR/ITT - bypass the ITT
SET/ITT - pass through an ITT
To display the ITT, use DISPLAY/LUT which shows the combined effect of LUT and ITT. Some of the currently available ITT tables are:
With the command TUTORIAL/ITT you can see the effect of ITTs and modify the ITTs interactively.