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Image Hardcopy

A hardcopy of the image shown on the image display merged with the contents of the overlay channel can be made via COPY/DISPLAY.  
Grayscale and color hardcopies can be produced only on Laser printers which support PostScript. Typical command sequences for getting an image hardcopy are:
LOAD/IMAGE frame ! load image into image display
! make hardcopy of screen
ASSIGN/DISPLAY device ! assign hardcopy device as display
! load image directly to hardcopy
where available devices and special parameters are described in Appendix  C. In addition, a set of device specific commands are normally defined to set it up and to get status information (see Appendix C).

The command COPY/DISPLAY first creates a Postscript file of the contents of the display and then prints this file on the specified hardcopy device. Thus, you can also produce just a Postscript file for inclusion in another Postscript document.

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