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AVERAGE/TABLE frame table xy_col outcol [size]
Read pixels in a frame at positions defined by a table.
BACKGROUND/ECHELLE in out [radx,rady,step] [degree] [smooth] [method]
estimate interorder scattered light of an echelle spectrum
BACKGROUND/SMOOTH input output [radx,rady] [niter] [visu]
estimate interorder scattered light of an echelle spectrum
CALIBRATE/ECHELLE [defmtd] [wlcmtd]
performs order definition and wavelength calibration
Clears contexts Echelle and Spec and removes process tables
CONVERT/ECHELLE input output domain function param option
resample echelle orders
DEFINE/ECHE [ordref] [width1,thres1,slope] [defmtd] [defpol]
define echelle order positions
DEFINE/HOUGH [ordref] [nbord] [hwid] [hough_par] [thresh] [degx,degy]
[hot_thres,step] [hough_setup]
define echelle order positions; automatic detection by Hough transform.
DEFINE/SKY ima [nsky] [possky] [half_width]
defines limits of the sky windows
DISPLAY/ECHELLE image [g_flag]
Optionally creates a display and graphic windows and scales an
image to be displayed.
ERROR/ECHELLE command keyword
Low-level error message generator for the echelle package
EXTR/ECH input output [params] [method]
extract echelle orders
EXTR/OPT input output slit,ord1,ord2 [ron,g,sigma] [table] [coeffs]
weigthed extraction of echelle orders
EXTRACT/ORDER inp out sl,ang,off meth table coeff [ord1,ord2]
Extract echelle orders and produces a frame in space pixel-order
EXTRACT/SKY in out [mode]
Extracts sky spectrum.
FILTER/ECHELLE input output
filter echelle frame for cosmic ray hits and subtract background
FLAT/ECHELLE [flat] [correct] [blaze]
subtract background from flat-field image and approximate blaze profile
HELP/ECHELLE keyword [mode]
Provides short help on an echelle session keyword
HOUGH/ECHELLE input [scan] [step,nbtr] [nbord] [flags] [hwid] [thres] [params]
perform Hough transform and orders detection on a flat-field frame
IDENT/ECHEL [wlc] [lincat] [dc] [tol] [wlcloop] [wlcmtd]
[guess,[shift]] [ccdbin]
perform wavelength calibration of echelle spectra
initializes echelle parameters
INITIAL/EMMI [ref] [grism]
Initializes the Echelle context for a given EMMI configuration
Deletes echelle session keywords
display wavelength calibration result
display echelle orders (and optionally background) positions
display initial identifications.
Loads on display the position of the lines found by the
MERGE/ECHELLE inframe outframe [params] [method]
merge echelle orders
MERGE/OPTIMAL rebima weight out [delta]
Optimal weighted merging of echelle orders
OFFSET/ECHELLE [image] [range] [cover] [ordtab] [mode]
Determines the offset along the slit between the order
coefficients and a given echelle spectrum.
OVERLAP/ECHELLE rebima order
Plots the overlap region between adjacent orders n and n+1
PLOT/CALIBRATE [ord1,ord2]
plot dispersion relation in echelle reduction
PLOT/ECHELLE frame [ord1,ord2] [printer]
plot extracted echelle orders.
PLOT/IDENTIFICATION frame [ord1,ord2] [printer]
plot line identifications in echelle reduction
PLOT/RESIDUAL [ord1,ord2]
plot dispersion residuals in echelle reduction
PLOT/SPECTRUM in [start,end]
plots a rebinned spectrum in wavelength range
PREPARE/BACKGROUND [step] [init] [back_tab] [order_tab] [descr]
low-level command; create table back.tbl
PREPARE/WINDOW catalogue flat-bkg lhcuts
prepare echelle images for the command AVERAGE/WINDOW
REBIN/ECHELLE input output sample
rebin echelle orders into wavelength
REDUCE/ECHELLE input output [bkcor]
reduction of echelle spectra.
REGRESSION/ECHELLE [defpol] [niter] [absres] [kappa]
fit 2-dim. polynomial to order positions (defpol limited to 5,5)
REPEAT/ECHELLE [scalx,scaly] [response]
iterate on the response computation
RESPONSE/ECHELLE [std] [fluxtab] [response]
compute instrument response
RIPPLE/ECHELLE input output [params] [method] [option]
correct for the blaze function
ROTATE/ECHELLE cat,ima root-name [mode] [flip_axis] [angle] [o_time]
rotate (and optionally flip) echelle images
saves current echelle session
SAVINIT/ECHELLE ima,tab mode
saves/reads echelle session keywords as descriptor of an image/table
SCAN/ECHELLE frame [scan-par]
update echelle keywords SCAN and IMSIZE.
SEARCH/ECHELLE frame [width2,thres2]
search for emission lines
SEARCH/ORDER [ordref] [w,t,s] [ordtab] [defmtd]
define echelle order positions
interactive unselection of background reference positions
SET/ECHELLE par=value [...]
set echelle keywords
show echelle session
SUBTRACT/BACKGROUND input bkg output [bkgmtd] [bkgvisu]
compute and subtract background from input frame.
demonstrates main commands of echelle package
low-level command handling image geometry in world-coordinates
UPDATE/ORDER image [offset]
Updates order definition coefficients and background table.
VERIFY/ECHELLE file [type]
check consistency of frame size against predefined values.

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