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APPLY/DISPERSION in out [y] [coef]
Apply the dispersion relation to a 1D spectrum and generates a table
Prepare the Batch Reduction user interface
CALIBRA/FLUX in out [resp]
Correct an image for the instrumental response function
CALIBRATE/LONG [tol] [deg] [mtd] [guess]
Wavelength calibration of 1D and long-slit spectra
Performs the wavelength calibration on a selected set of lines.
Clear context Long
COMBINE/LONG catalog output [mtd]
Average a catalog of images
EDIT/FLUX [resp]
Edit the instrumental response table
Interactive rejection of dispersion relation nodes.
ESTIMATE/DISPERSION wdisp wcent [ystart] [line] [cat]
Estimate a linear approximation of the dispersion relation
EXTINCTION/LONG in out [scale] [table] [col]
correct spectra for interstellar or atmopsheric extinction
EXTRACT/AVERAGE in out [obj] [sky] [mtd]
extract a long-slit spectrum by averaging rows
EXTRACT/LONG in out [sky] [obj] [order,niter] [ron,g,sigma]
Optimal extraction of a long-slit spectrum
GCOORD/LONG [number] [outtab]
Get coordinates from the display window
GRAPH/LONG [size] [position] [id]
Creates a graphic window
HELP/LONG [keyword]
provides information about session keywords.
IDENTIFY/LONG [wlc] [ystart] [lintab] [tol]
Interactive calibration of lines in an arc spectrum
Initialises parameters of context long
INTEGRATE/LONG std [flux] [resp]
Generates an intermediate response table from a standard star spectrum
LINADD/LONG in w,bin [y] [mtd] [mode] [line]
Adds entries to the table line.tbl
LOAD/LONG image [scale_x,[scale_y]]
Creates a display window
NORMALIZE/FLAT in out [bias] [deg] [fit] [visu]
Normalisation of flat-fields
Plot wavelength calibration identifications.
Plot the fitted dispersion relation and allow interactive
rejection of arc lines.
PLOT/DISTORTION wave [delta] [mode]
Plot the fitted position of arc lines in wavelength/y-coordinate space.
PLOT/FLUX [fluxtab]
Plot the flux table
PLOT/IDENT [wlc] [line] [x] [id] [wave]
Plot interactive identifications
PLOT/RESIDUAL [y] [table]
Plots residual after wavelength calibration
Plots the response correction function
PLOT/SEARCH [mode] [table]
Plot the results of SEARCH/LONG
Plots a 1D spectrum in table format, as supplied by APPLY/DISPERSION
PREPARE/LONG in [out] [limits]
Extracts sub-images from an image or a catalog.
REBIN/LONG in out [start,end,step] [mtd] [table]
Rebin a long-slit spectrum using the row-by-row method
RECTIFY/LONG in out [reference] [nrep] [deconvol_flag] [line]
rectify geometrically a distorted 2-D spectrum
Initialises the batch reduction parameters
Batch reduction of long-slit spectra.
Saves the batch reduction parameters
RESPONSE/FILTER std [flux] [resp]
Generate a response image by filtering based method.
RESPONSE/LONG [plot] [fit] [deg] [smo] [table] [image] [visu]
Converts the response correction from table to image format.
SAVE/LONG session
Saves session keywords
SEARCH/LONG [in] [thres] [width] [yaver] [step] [mtd] [mode]
search for spectral features in a long-slit spectrum
Select lines identified in all rows of an arc spectrum.
SET/LONG key=value [...]
Assigns a value to long-slit session keywords
SHOW/LONG [section]
Displays values of session keywords.
SKYFIT/LONG input output [sky] [degree] [mode] [r,g,t] [radius]
fit polynomial to spatial flux distribution in windows of every column
demonstrate commands of the package Long
VERIFY/LONG file mode
Checks conformity of files in the long-slit context
XIDENT/LONG [wlc] [ystart] [lintab] [tol]
Invoke the identification graphical user interface

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