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CREATE/ART_IMAGE frame frame dims [starts,steps] [func_type] [coefs]
CREATE/ART_IMAGE frame = ref_frame [func_type] [coefs]
create artificial image
CREATE/RAMP image [slope] [angle] [dimension ]
generate uniform sloping image, with mean flux per pixel of 100 units
CREATE/SPC1 image [slope] [ampl] [period] [phase] [dim]
generate sinusoidal, sloping 1-dimensional image
CREATE/SPC2 image [period] [slope] [phase] [dimension]
generate a discrete 1-dimensional image
CREATE/SPC3 image psf_option centring table boxwidth-or-fwhm
generate an artificial spectrum with lines
CREATE/WAVE image [amplitude] [period] [dimension]
generate 2-dimensional sinusoidal background image