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Graphics Display

ASSIGN/GRAPHICS 		 Define plotter output device and replot 
CLEAR/GRAPHICS Clear graphic screen
COPY/GRAPHICS Copy the plot file to the specific graphic device
CREATE/GRAPHICS Create a graphic window (using Xwindow)
CUTS/IMAGE Set plot thresholds (high and low) for image
DELETE/GRAPHICS Delete the graphic windows
GET/GCURSOR Coordinates from graphic device by cursor
LABEL/GRAPHICS Plot text in an existing plot
OVERPLOT/ERROR Overplot table error column
OVERPLOT/HISTOGRAM Overplot histogram of table column or image
OVERPLOT/ROW Overplot row/line of image data on previous plot
OVERPLOT/TABLE Overplot table data on previous plot
PLOT/AXES Plot a coordinate box with large and small tickmarks and labels
PLOT/CONTOUR Contour plotting of an image
PLOT/DESCRIPTOR Plot an entry in a descriptor
PLOT/HISTOGRAM Plot a histogram of a table column or an image
PLOT/ROW Plot row/line of an image
PLOT/PERSPECTIVE Perspective plotting (3-dim.) of an image
PLOT/TABLE Plot table data
SET/GRAPHICS Set plot characteristics like scaling
SHOW/GRAPHICS Show graphic characteristics