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Coordinate Transformation of Images

ALIGN/IMAGE 		 Calculate linear transformation between 2 images 
EXTRACT/IMAGE Extract part of image
FLIP/IMAGE Flip image in x and/or y
GROW/IMAGE Repeat one scan line to make 2 dim images
INSERT/IMAGE Insert a subimage into father image
REBIN/II Logarithmic, exponential, r1/4 frequency rebin
REBIN/LINEAR Pixel rebinning of image
REBIN/ROTATE Rotate an image any angle
REBIN/SPLINE Rebin an image with cube splines
REBIN/WAVE Rebin 1-D image to linear wavelength
RECTIFY/IMAGE General geometric correction
ROTATE/CLOCK Rotate clockwise 90 degrees
TRANSPOSE/CUBE Rearrange planes of 3-dim data cube
TRANSPOSE/IMAGE Transpose an image