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Table File Operations

BIN/TABLE 		 Create a table with averages of col2 in bins of col1

COMPUTE/HISTOGRAM Compute histogram for a table column
COMPUTE/REGRESSION Compute column from regresion coefficients
COMPUTE/TABLE Compute arithmetic expression between columns
CONVERT/TABLE Compute image from table data
COPY/TT Copy keys from table to table file
CREATE/COLUMN Create new column in a table file
CREATE/TABLE Create a table file
DELETE/COLUMN Delete column from an element in a table file
EDIT/TABLE Change value of entry in table file
MERGE/TABLE Merge two table files
NAME/COLUMN Insert a label name for a column
PRINT/TABLE Print table
READ/TABLE List elements of a table file
REGRESSION/POLYNOMIAL Compute regression between column in table file
SELECT/TABLE Select a subtable
SHOW/TABLE List table directory
SORT/TABLE Order a table file
STATISTICS/TABLE Computes low order statistics for a column
=1 =11 =1995