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Use of NAG Library

The NAG mathematical library is still used in a few MIDAS commands. A list of these programs and routines are given below:
Program Package NAG Routines
fitimag Fit e04fdf, e04fcf, e04gcf, e04hev,
    e04gbf, e04gef, e04gdf, e04ycf,
    e04jaf, e04hbf, e04jbf, e04kaf,
    e04hcf, e04kbf, e04kcf, e04kdf
genran General g05cbf, g05ddf, g05daf, g05dbf,
    g05def, g05edf, g05eyf, g05ecf,
echripp1 Echelle e04gdf
A set of dummy routines are provided for sites that do not have a NAG library. This implementation enables sites to use the FIT package even without the NAG library (in this case, only the Newton-Raphson method is supported).