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Encapsulated PostScript Files

For any PostScript hardcopy printer that has been assigned by ASSIGN/GRAPH, MIDAS produces a so-called encapsulated PostScript file. Using a public domain macro package (e.g. Psfig/TEX) this PostScript plot file can, with a minimum of effort, be included in TEX or LATEX documents  LATEX}. To do so, in the TEX or LATEX document one should refer to the (possibly renamed) MIDAS PostScript file (normally Below, follows a simple LATEXexample that shows how it works.
MIDAS 005> ASSIGN/GRAPH postscript
MIDAS 006> PLOT/ROW image [@100,@150:@150,@250] 20.0,20.0

In your directory we now have a PostScript file, containing the complete plot information written by the commands 006 and 007. Now, you can include this MIDAS PostScript file in our LATEX document, in this case using psfig, developed by Trevor Darrell ( Here is how the LATEX text file with the included MIDAS plot then looks like.

     We show a simple example of how one can include a PostScript figure,
     generated by MIDAS, into a existing \LaTeX document.