I am an Astronomer at the ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Garching bei München, Germany.

I am the Subsystem Scientist for the ALMA Observing Tool (OT) and for SnooPI. I am also deputy of the EU Phase 2 Group, and editor of the European ARC Newsletter.

My main scientific interest is in star and planet formation, with a focus on planet-forming disks and on the carachterization of their physical and chemical properties. For my studies I mostly use sub-mm observations and physical-chemical modeling.

October 2022

The final version of the Protorstars and Planets VII review chapter Setting the Stage for Planet Formation: Measurements and Implications of the Fundamental Disk Properties (Miotello, A.; Kamp, I.; Birnstiel, T., Cleeves, L. I.; Kataoka, A.) has been submitted to the editors.

July 2022

The ALMA Cycle 9 Large Program The ALMA Disk-Exoplanet C/Onnection (DECO, PI: I. Cleeves, co-PIs: A. Miotello, D. Anderson, Y.Aikawa, V. Guzman) has been accepted and will deliver the first chemical survey of a large sample of nearby protoplanetary disks.

October 2021

The MIAPP (hybrid) Workshop Gaps, rings, spirals, and vortices: structure formation in planet-forming disks has successfully taken place in Garching.

Team members at ESO

I am currently supervising two brilliant PhD Students at ESO, Teresa Paneque Carreño, and Aashish Gupta. Teresa's PhD thesis focuses on constrianing the vertical structure of protoplanetary disks and their chemical stratification, exploiting high-resolution ALMA data and geometrical methods. Aashish is exploring the importance of late accretion of fresh material onto Class II disks.

This is the current composition of our group, but new members are likely to join our team in the near future. Stay tuned!


Contact me

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85748 Garching, Germany
Office: C.3.55