Load point data

Loading point data when using the widget is based on stars or groups of stars. Note that loading all data at once might lead to excessive memory requirements. When loading the data for stars, you will be presented a widget listing all observed stars. Click on the one whose data you need. Under IDL, press the $<$control$>$ key when selecting the stars with the left mouse button. This way, the previous selections will not be undone. Alternatively, you can drag the mouse over the list and highlight a group of stars. After selecting the stars, click on Load and the loading commences. The data will overwrite any point data currently loaded. The widget will stay active. The way to proceed is to fully reduce the data for one or more stars at a time (editing, dispersion correction, and averaging). The averaged data are stored in a structure which is allocated the first time you average data and which is sized so that it will eventually hold all the scan data of the night.