The CALIBRATEASTROMETRY menu allows you to solve for station coordinates (and star positions) using the delay data. Use PLOT to plot the O-C data. (Select input beams higher than one, since delays are referenced to the delay in input beam one.)

Use SOLVE to display a selection widget for the astrometric solution. A solution will be computed for the selected stations and stars, using data only of the selected stars. If no star is selected, then no star position will be solved for, but data of all stars will be used for the station coordinate solution. As for the selected data, either uncorrected FDL data can be used, or the group delay and the dispersion corrected delays. (Remember that the latter can also include metrology corrections.) SAVE will write the stationtable to disk.

PLOT Plot residual delays.
CALC Compute zenith angles, etc.
MCORR Apply metrology and white light corrections to group-, dry-, and wet delays. (It is not applied to the FDL position data!) This is a toggle, i.e. if you click on this button a second time, the corrections will be removed again, and so forth.
SOLVE Solve for new station coordinates.