The plot selection widget

Here you define what is plotted along the axes, for which stars, and other various options. If the choice for an axis required additional selection on what range of data indices to plot, another widget, the data selection widget will open (see below).

If more than one channel, baseline, or point is selected, multiple plots will appear in the plot widget for those indices not corresponding to the selected slice (the SLICE menu is optional in classes scan and astrom; in class point the default slice is pt. In order to have all plots in a single graph, select the ALL IN 1 option. The PRESET menu implements a short-cut to setting the most common selection for plots of the visibility either for slice pt or ch.

Clicking on PLOTSCREEN will display the plot. At this stage, you can fit functions to the data (FIT: the residuals are plotted and can be manually edited), enter a new plot range (RANGE: enter 0,0 for automatic scaling) or by defining a window (WINDOW: click left button to anchor upper left corner, click middle button fix size and shift box, click left button again to fix position or right button to select automatic scaling and exit), identify data points (IDENTIFY: click left button for repeated identifications, right button to exit), and edit data manually (EDIT).

PLOT $\vert$
SCREEN Open new plot window and display plot
FILE Write PostScript output

EDIT $\vert$
AUTO Do automatic editing
ZERO Do automatic zero value editing

UTIL $\vert$ (single plots only)
EDIT Manual editing
WINDOW Set new range by placing a box
RANGE Enter new range
MEAN Return average data value in a window
IDENTIFY Identify data point
H-LINE Display horizontal line
V-LINE Display vertical line
FIT Fit functions to data

As for editing, you have three options: automatic, zero, and manual editing. The first option will put the data through a median filter (point data) or edit outliers based on their deviation from a 3-rd order polynomial fit to the data (scan data). The second option will remove data points with value zero, and the last option (recommended) will let you define boxes to delete data inside or outside of a box. Note that the data selection applies to both plotting and editing.

OPTION $\vert$
ERRORS Display error bars
FLAGGED Display flagged data too
LINES Connect data points
ALL IN 1 Plot all graphs in one plot
3D Open 3D plot widget
IMAGE Plot 3rd dim in TV style
NOFIR Fits to all data (FIR = Fit In Range)
NOSORT Do not sort x-values
NOTRACE `x' will not trace `y' selection
ALL OBS Do all spectrometers (uv-plots only)
ALL IBS Do all IBs (not implemented)
MODEL Plot model too (AMOEBA only)
COLOR Select color printer
SMOOTH Compute and plot model values also between observations
PAPER Display camera-ready plot labels
CUSTOM Vis. plot for NPOI: scale data to model