Logical editing and flag tables

The scope of bad data flags can go beyond the currently selected item, if other data items exist which depend on the selected one. This means that a particular point of data is unlikely to be valid if the item on which it depends is flagged. Thus, for example, flagging a photon rate point will cause CHAMELEON to flag all visibilities where this photon rate point has a contribution.

Flagging information will be automatically entered into flag tables, with a label attached to every entry specifying the reason for the flag. (The reason currently is derived from the system date/time.) A list of these labels will be displayed if the UNFLAG button is selected. Each entry is identified by the exact time of observation, and the data selection. Flag tables can be saved to disk for later retrieval. The name of the disk file holding flag tables is made up of the body of the input data file name plus an extension .flg.