Manipulation of a model

The following menu bundles all routines related to reading and fitting of the hierarchical model. The fit routine should not be confused with specialized and customized fitting routines to be found elsewhere (in AMOEBAFIT).

MODEL $\vert$
READ Read and check a model file.
INFO CL info,/struct.
CALC Compute model data.
FIT General model fitting widget. Results are stored in the model.

The general model fitting widget displays all components of the model, and the parameters associated with each one of them. Whether or not all or a subset of parameters are constrained by the data is not determined by AMOEBA, but has to be decided by the user. However, since a SVD algorithm is used for the fitting, no crash will occur if too many fit parameters are selected and the design matrix becomes singular. Characteristics on control parameters of the non-linear iterative fit can be modified using the FITCONTROL widget.

Data selection for the model fit comprises all data sets with a non-zero weight. In addition, one can select single interferometry scans in the plot widget for the fit, while others are ignored until the scan selection is set back to ALL.