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Optical Spectroscopy in the CDF-S



Szokoly et al., 2004, ApJS, 155, 271

The spectroscopic follow-up program of the X-ray sources detected in the 942 ksec exposure of the Chandra Deep Field South has been carried out with the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) in the time frame April 2000-December 2001 [ESO no. 66.A-0270(A) and 67.A-0418(A)]. Spectroscopic redshifts were obtained for 168 X-ray sources, of which 137 have both reliable optical identification and redshift estimate.

Table 5, finding charts, 1&2D spectra can be found at the following URLs:

Table 5 ASCII

Table 5 HTML

Finding charts (click on the ID number in the table)

1&2D spectra (click on the ID number in the table)