ESO Phone Book

Garching local time: - Santiago local time:
Garching:+49 89 3200 6xxx
Santiago:+56 22 463 3xxx
Paranal:+56 55 243 5xxx
La Silla:+56 22 464 4xxx
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  • If you are using this tool inside ESO.ORG, the result page displays organizational infos and a portrait photo.
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For names with e.g. ä è ç just omit the diacritic. You can add "ESO People Search" to your Web browser's Search Engines. The ESO Phone Book is also available in the Outlook Global Address List and Outlook Web Application. If you feel data is missing or incorrect please fill in the ESO Phone Book Request for Change Form. Click on the table headings to sort results.

To search for sites/directorates/divisions/departments/groups you can click on the respective name or change the URL to e.g.

Cid Claudia CidClaudia CidClaudia5311CB-222ccid@eso.orgParanalDOOLPOPSOTIO
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