The Extinction Mapper ( E_Mapper ) Study Group

The individuals who expressed interest or support in the E_Mapper are listed below (see at the bottom of the page how to reach all of them at once):

  M.I. Andersen (NOT, La Palma)
  Dietrich Baade (ESO Garching)
  Juan-Abel Barrio (MAGIC, Universidad Complutense, Madrid)
  James Beletic (ESO Garching)
  Cyril Cavadore (ESO Garching)
  Thierry Forveille (NAOS, Observatoire de Grenoble)
  Roberto Gilmozzi (ESO Garching)
  Olivier R. Hainaut (ESO La Silla)
  Richard Kurz (ESO Garching)
  Anne-Marie Lagrange (NAOS, Observatoire de Grenoble)
  Casiana Munoz-Tunon (IAC, La Palma)
  Holger Pedersen (Copenhagen University Observatory)
  Antonia varela Perez (IAC, La Palma)
  Dirk Petry (MAGIC, IFAE Barcelona)
  Vilppu Piirola (Tuorla Observatory, Piikkio)
  Rene Rutten (IAC, La Palma)
  Marc Sarazin (ESO Garching)
  Hugo Schwarz (NOT, La Palma)
  Edwin Valentijn (Laboratory for Space Research, Groningen )
  Andreas Wicenec (ESO Garching)
If you want to send an e-mail message to all members of the E-Mapper Mailing List, just click here.