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Longitude: 16.23; East
Latitude: 23.34; South
Height: 2350 meters

An ESO-MPIA Site Survey: Technical notes on Gamsberg Namibian site

 * Final Summary Report of the ESO-MPIA 1994-1995 site survey, 4 pages, November 28, 1995.
 * Part I: General Climatology, 11 pages, April 24, 1994
 * Part IIa: I.R. Quality, Upper-Air data , 14 pages, August 3, 1994
 * Part IIb: I.R. Quality, Water Vapour Monitoring, 4 pages, first issue September 23, 1994
 * Part IIIa: Seeing and Meteorology, Preliminary Results , 12 pages, last update March 29, 1995
 * Part IIIb: Seeing and Meteorology , Ground Level Turbulence , 8 pages, September 28, 1994

A summary of the theoretical background .

An Aerial View of Gamsberg Table Mountain, Fourmilab Satellite Map (Width 18, Width 36),

Acknowledgments: The Gamsberg Campaign was organized with the support of Max Plank Institüt für Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany, represented by Dr. Thorsten Neckel. Logistical support in Namibia was provided by O. Lengenfelder. The main observer during the whole campaign was Rolf Lengenfelder, (Namibia) assisted part-time by Albrecht Neckel (Germany) and Julio Navarrete (ESO Chile).

Another astronomical project: HESS is building an array of imaging Cherenkov telescopes in the vicinity of Gamsberg: construction started in August 2000.

10-year rain statistics were collected at compiled at nearby Farm Hoenheim by the owner Mr. Strauble

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