The VLT-Astronomical Site Monitor

Technical Review
Documentation Short List

VLT SW documentation (internal access)

-VLT-SPE-ESO-17410-1174 VLT-ASM Seeing and Coherence Monitor, Dimm Upgrade Plan V-3.2, March 6, 2002

-VLT-TRE-VAI-17420-1611 Vaisala Meteorological Station: Technical Description and Delivery Documents, May 25, 1998.

-Publication (PDF): M. Sarazin, F. Roddier The E.S.O Differential Image Motion Monitor; Astron. Astrophys. 227, 294-300 (1990).

-Publication (PDF): S. Sandrock, R. Amestica, P. Duhoux, J. Navarrete, M. Sarazin VLT Astronomical Site Monitor: control, automation, and dataflow; SPIE 4009-35, Munich, March 2000.

-VLT-SPE-ESO-17441-1175 Astronomical Site Monitor Control SW Functional Specification - V.1.0, Mar.97

-ESO-VLT-DIC.ASM Operational Data Interface Dictionary for ASM provided data

-VLT-SPE-ESO-19000-1614 VLT-DFS Database Design Document - V1.2, May 2000

-VLT-SPE-ESO-17441-1213 Astronomical Site Monitor Control SW Design Description - V.1.0/prep.3, 25 Jun.97

-VLT-MAN-ESO-17441-1404 VLT-ASM Control Software Operation Manual - V.1.0/prep.5, 19 Feb.99

-VLT-MAN-ESO-17441-1774 VLT-ASM Control Software Installation Manual - V1.0/prep.1, 27 Feb.99

-VLT-MAN-ESO-17440-1773 VLT-ASM Data User Manual - V1.0/prep.1, 27 Feb.99

-VLT-TRE-ESO-17240-1689 Technical Report on Image Processing Algorithms for TCCD systems - Issue 1.0, 23 Oct.98

-VLT-MAN-ESO-11700-1775 Technical CCD Systems Operation Manual - V1.1, 09 Feb.00

-VLT-TRE-ESO-17430-1270 VLT-ASM Control Hardware, Functional Description - Draft 2, Jan.97

-VLT-TRE-ESO-17430-1271 ASM Control Hardware, Design Description - Draft 3, Mar.97

-VLT-TRE-ESO-17431-1272 ASM LCU, Signal Description - Draft 3, Mar.97

-VLT-TRE-ESO-17431-1273 ASM LCU, Hardware Signal Assignment - Draft 3, Mar.97

-VLT-TRE-ESO-17413-1275 ASM Seeing Monitor, Modification to the motor assembly - Draft 4, Feb.99

-VLT-TRE-ESO-17441-1405 Astronomical Site Monitor DIMM Upgrade Mission - Test Report, 21 Aug.97

-VLT-PLA-ESO-17410-xxxx ASM Integration and Commissioning: Status January 98 - 21 Jan.98

-VLT-PRO-ESO-10200-1453 Verification of ASM: Commissioning Test Procedure 2.12.D - V.1.0/prep.1, 29 May 98

-VLT-TRE-ESO-10200-1822 (ps.gz, pdf) VLT-ASM Commissioning Report - Issue 1.1, 18 January 2000

-VLT-MAN-ESO-17441-1814 La Silla ASM-DIMM Upgrade Mission - Test Report, 31 March 1999.

-VLT-TRE-ESO-17413-xxxx La Silla DIMM Upgrade, motor modification report - Draft 1 , 02 Feb. 99

-ASCII files data format -Portable Version User Guide

Note: the earliest publication making reference to the DIMM concept is:
R Hosfeld. "Comparisons of stellar scintillations with image motion," JOSA, 44, 284, April 1954.


Created Marc Sarazin