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Last update: 2024-05-23T15:32:36 (UT)

General news: NOTE: The Health Check and calChecker services are moved to qcFlow on an instrument by instrument basis. The current pages will not be updated any longer once the move has been finished.
The links to KMOS, UVES, and ESPRESSO have been moved to a new section (qcFlow operational) at the lower part of the navigation bar.
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KPI     no scoring
detector:_dark   darkmed darkron badpix
lamps   FF_lamp Ar_lamp Ne_lamp
flats:_position   IZ_xpos YJ_xpos H_xpos HK_xpos K_xpos Temp IZ_vs_T YJ_vs_T H_vs_T HK_vs_T K_vs_T
flats:_slitlets   IZ_width YJ_width H_width HK_width K_width num_ifu badpix
wave:_arc_fwhm   Ar_IZ Ar_YJ Ar_H Ar_HK Ar_K Ne_IZ Ne_YJ Ne_H Ne_HK Ne_K
wave:_calibration   IZ_wavecal YJ_wavecal H_wavecal HK_wavecal K_wavecal
sky_flat   non-uniformity uniformity maxdev
acq_accuracy   X_IFU01-08 X_IFU09-16 X_IFU17-24 Y_IFU01-08 Y_IFU09-16 Y_IFU17-24
arm_positioning   X_IFU01-08 X_IFU09-16 X_IFU17-24 Y_IFU01-08 Y_IFU09-16 Y_IFU17-24
system_efficiency   system_effic effic_per_IFU