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Last update: 2015-09-03T02:06:25 (UT)

General news: We currently experience technical problems with databases; the incoming data may be not properly accounted for
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1. 'forced refresh', see button below, right-hand side of 'ngas'. 2. Raw CALIB file screenshots for quality review, last 7 days, behind the 'raw' links.
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detector:_dark   RON_DAILY dark(DIT)
detector:_monitoring   lin+range gain+fpn hot/cold_pixels LampFlat_gain LampFlat_FPN
image_quality:_strehl   strehl
zeropoints   zeropoints
AO_correction   ao_strehl ao_xpos ao_ypos ao_xypos
slit   slit
lamp:_stability   flux_S13_ counts_S13_ gradient_S13_