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AB certification
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AB certification

Association Blocks (ABs) are the fundamental data processing unit at QC. They contain all information necessary to process a raw file, or a set of raw files: recipe name, data type, associated calibration products, processing parameters, etc. They also contain additional information relevant during the lifecycle of an AB, like pathnames of products, execution time, setup information, OB ID.

AB handling has two main aspects. One ist the technical aspect (processing), the other one is the human aspect (certification). The technical aspect is handled here. The other aspect is about certification: the processed and scored ABs wait for certification by the QC scientist. While ABs scoring green are certified automatically, the red ones need a review and an assessment. The AB metrics relating to these workflow step that requires human intervention are measured here.

Contrary to the numbers for AB processing, the numbers presented here refer to the AB as a whole and its files. For certification the AB is the fundamental unit.

Before October 2011 CALIB and SCIENCE ABs were certified. Since October 2011, only CALIB ABs are processed and certified.

The plots come per instrument. There is also 'ALL' collecting sums for all instruments. Note that most metrics have been collected since 2004 or later. Comparison numbers from earlier epochs are not available in the database.

You can do more detailed research, e.g. per instrument mode, using the QC1 interfaces under "advanced studies".