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Ganglia (int.)

MUC blades: Performance monitor (Ganglia)

MUC blades | other (Munin) (only visible from operational machines!)

The Ganglia monitor tool is maintained by SOS. Find the main site here.

SOS maintains a second performance trend monitor, MUNIN (only visible from the operational machines). We display Ganglia here since it offers timescales as short as one hour while Munin starts with daily trends. (Note that Munin is visible only from the operational machines.)

This page has performance monitors arranged by MUC blades. Refresh the page if the plots do not auto-refresh.

load last hour | load last day | load last week
cpu last hour | cpu last day | cpu last week
memory last hour | memory last day | memory last week
network last hour | network last day | network last week

muc01 (UT1) Munin muc02 (UT2) Munin muc03 (UT3) Munin
muc04 (UT4) Munin muc05 (VLTI) Munin muc06 (OMEGACAM) Munin
muc07 (VIRCAM) Munin muc08 (SCIPROC_and_others) Munin muc09 (MUSE) Munin
muc10 (MUSE_ph) Munin muc11 (MUSE_ph,ESPRESSO) Munin muc12 (MATISSE) Munin