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Workflow information system for QC


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WISQ is the Workflow Information System for QC. It offers storing and display of basic parameters which measure the performance and load of the main QC workflows and related components. Currently these are the following:

  • data transfer from Paranal to Garching
  • downloaded raw data volume from NGAS into the QC machines
  • number of ABs, pipeline and QC report execution times
  • created and ingested product data volume
  • produced data packages (up to October 2011 when pipacks were stopped)

This system monitors the QC process, supports management decisions and identifies possible bottlenecks.

Technically WISQ has the following components:

  • QC1 database tables like 'monthly_stat' (access under link 'QC1_db_access'),
  • the dfos tool extractStat, writing information from the daily workflow into QC1 database tables,
  • the dfos tool trendPlotter which extracts and plots this information,
  • in some cases, dedicated tools to extract information from various sources.