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Workflow information system for QC


Produced packages (histo.)
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Produced packages and data delivery (terminated in 2011)

Here we measure the number of packages, as monthly averages, created by QC and delivered to the Archive Operations Group (AOG). This service was in place until the end of P87, October 2011. Since that date no more packages have been created, and hence the update of this page has been stopped.

VM packages have been created since mid-2009, they have been included in this monitor.

We have also measured the size of the packages, in terms of DVDs. In case of packages not producing DVDs (VM packages being released to the User Portal directly), or being deployed on other media (like larger SM packages), their size has been calculated in "equivalent DVDs".

The plots split by instrument. There is also 'ALL' collecting sums for all instruments. Note that most metrics have been collected since 2004 or later. Comparison numbers from earlier epochs are not available in the database.

Do a more detailed research, e.g. per instrument mode, using the QC1 interfaces under "advanced studies".