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Recipe for Dark Reduction

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Disclaimer: The information given here refers to the use of this recipe during QC processing. For more details see the pipeline manual at the pipelines page.

For UVB/VIS long dark frames are obtained once per month to monitor the dark current. Since the dark current is negligible these frames are not used for processing. For NIRdark frames with the same DIT as SCIENCE or STD observations are taken after every night and used to process the data.

  • recipe name:xsh_mdark
  • input raw frames: DARK_<arm> (arm = UVB/VIS/NIR)
Purpose: Creates a master dark from a set of raw dark frames

Description: The master dark is created from a set of raw dark frames with cosmic ray hit removal. The detected cosmic rays are stored in the corresponding map. The master dark is normalized to 1s exposure. In case of UVB or VIS data the master bias frame is subtracted (for VIS with pre-/overscan correction). In case of NIR data a map of the noisy pixels is determined and any bad pixel map in input is updated accordingly.

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