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OmegaCAM is the wide-field imager located at the Cassegrain focus of the 2.6m VLT Survey Telescope (VST) on Paranal. OmegaCAM consists of 32 e2v CCD's each with 2048x4100 pixels, giving a total of 16k x 16k pixels that cover 1 square degree of sky at a pixel scale of 0.214 arcsec/pixel.

A detailed schematic layout of the detector geometry, its CCD numbering, and a description of available filters is given here:

More information on the OmegaCAM instrument and its technical details can be found on the OmegaCAM web pages.

Current and past OmegaCAM User's Manuals are available here.


All data from OmegaCAM pass through Data Flow Operations (DFO) in Garching for data processing (calibration data only) and quality evaluation.

Use the OmegaCAM archive web page to browse and download OmegaCAM raw data.

A detailed description of OmegaCAM Quality Control and trending, pipeline processing, and Data Flow Operations topics can be found here.

A summary of current and past problems and issues with the instrument, pipeline, and quality control can be found here.