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VIRCAM Quality Control

On March 6th, 2023, VIRCAM has been decommissioned after 13 years of operations.

VISTA is the 4.2m Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy on Paranal.

VIRCAM is the VISTA InfraRed CAMera attached to VISTA. The one mode imaging only instrument VIRCAM is equipped with 16 2048x2048 pixel NIR detectors (64 megapixel in total) with 1.65 degree diameter field of view.

These pages contain information about VIRCAM Quality Control, pipeline processing, and data flow operations.

This section of the Data Processing and Quality Control web pages covers the VIRCAM data. VIRCAM is operated by ESO to execute public survey programmes.

All calibration data from VIRCAM pass Quality Control Garching.

Use the VIRCAM archive web page to browse and download VIRCAM raw data.

More information on the VIRCAM instrument, especially all technical aspects, can be found here:
VIRCAM Paranal web pages" | User Manual

See also the page about VISTA Public Surveys.

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