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VIMOS Exposure Time Calculator

Optical Spectroscopy Integrated Field Unit Mode Version 6.0.0
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Input Flux Distribution

 Continuum (Flat Spectra)
 Blackbody: T =  K
 Template Spectra:   Redshift z = 
 Single line
	Wavelength:      nm
	Flux:            10-16 ergs/s/cm2 (per arcsec2 for extended sources)
	FWHM:            nm (Minimum value: 0.50)

 Object Magnitude:   Band:  Vega AB

Spatial Distribution:

 Point Source

Extended Source

Sky Conditions

Moon phase: days from new Moon
Seeing: arcsec FWHM in V-band at zenith (use this value in the proposal). The seeing is irrelevant for extended sources.
Probability 60% for a seeing smaller or equal to the requested value
For point sources, the resulting Image Quality FWHM is modeled by the ETC considering the transfer functions of the atmosphere, telescope and instrument. See the helpfile for details.

Optical Path


IFU Spatial Sampling:  0.66 arcsec   0.33 arcsec



 S/N:			Value    Plotting range  %
 Exposure Time (s):	Value    Plotting range  %


Plots:  Toggle All / No Plots

 Object Spectrum
 Sky Spectrum at central row
 Total spectrum (object+sky) at central row
 Input spectrum in physical units
 Total Efficiency and Wavelength Range
 Signal to noise versus wavelength
Details of Image Quality Calculations (only for pointsources) 


This software has been prepared in collaboration between ESO and the VIMOS consortium
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