VIMOS Exposure Time Calculator

Optical Multi-Object Spectroscopy Mode Version P100.2
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Target Input Flux Distribution

Template Spectrum Redshift
z =
Target Magnitude and Mag.System:   
= Vega
Magnitudes are given per arcsec2 for extended sources
MARCS Stellar Model
Upload Spectrum
Blackbody Temperature: K
Power Law Index:           F(λ) ∝ λindex
Emission Line
Lambda: nm
Flux: 10-16 ergs/s/cm2 (per arcsec2 for extended sources)
FWHM: nm

Spatial Distribution:

Point Source

Extended Source Surface Brightness   Semi-Major Axis arcsec
      For De Vaucouleurs and exponential profiles, the projected Semi-Major Axis is the effective radius along the slit.

Sky Conditions

Moon phase: days from new Moon
Airmass: range:[1, 3]
Seeing/Image Quality:
For point sources, the resulting Image Quality FWHM is approximated by a gaussian in the ETC considering the transfer functions of the atmosphere, telescope and instrument. See the helpfile for details.
Seeing: arcsec FWHM in V-band at zenith (use this value in the proposal)
              Probability ---% of realising the seeing ≤ 1.00 arcsec
IQ: arcsec FWHM at the airmass and wavelength of observation (to be used for the OB constraint set)
              The corresponding seeing and probability will be indicated in the ETC output page
Image Quality is not a parameter in AO modes

Optical Path


Slit width:arcsec    length: arcsec




Exposure Time: s


Plots: Toggle All / No Plots

Object Spectrum
Sky Spectrum at central row
Total spectrum (object+sky) at central row
Input spectrum in physical units
Total Efficiency and Wavelength Range
Signal to noise versus wavelength
2D simulated image
This software has been prepared in collaboration between ESO and the VIMOS consortium