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Last update: Mar 14, 2005
optical deep
Summary of optical deep fields
No.FieldFilterExp. Time (s)No. OBsNo. FramesMin. Seeing (")Max. Seeing (")Median Seeing (")Completeness
1GLX_09U (U350/60)000 0%
2B (B/123)1799150.681.00.7999%
3R (Rc/162)2159260.350.45N/A119%
4I (BB#I_EIS)3599190.40.520.4699%
5GLX_10U (U350/60)000 0%
6B (B/123)000 0%
7R (Rc/162)35992100.430.85N/A199%
8I (BB#I_EIS)107973270.791.37N/A299%
9GLX_04U (U350/60)3599150.891.321.1449%
10B (B/123)75586210.681.7N/A419%
11R (Rc/162)75585210.640.94N/A419%
12I (BB#I_EIS)123974310.571.08N/A344%
13GLX_02U (U350/60)115184160.561.34N/A159%
14B (B/123)35992100.791.07N/A199%
15R (Rc/162)1799150.620.90.6899%
16I (BB#I_EIS)71982180.591.47N/A199%
17GLX_08U (U350/60)000 0%
18B (B/123)35992100.751.08N/A199%
19R (Rc/162)35992101.052.46N/A199%
20I (BB#I_EIS)3599191.11.571.2599%
21GLX_07U (U350/60)000 0%
22B (B/123)1799151.221.41.3199%
23R (Rc/162)39593111.211.5N/A219%
24I (BB#I_EIS)3599190.921.11.0399%
25GLX_15U (U350/60)000 0%
26B (B/123)2159260.460.56N/A119%
27R (Rc/162)35993100.490.71N/A199%
28I (BB#I_EIS)3599191.021.941.7299%
29GLX_16U (U350/60)000 0%
30B (B/123)000 0%
31R (Rc/162)000 0%
32I (BB#I_EIS)000 0%
33GLX_03U (U350/60)2159130.740.910.8829%
34B (B/123)35992100.650.87N/A199%
35R (Rc/162)53983150.591.06N/A299%
36I (BB#I_EIS)79984200.561.25N/A222%
37GLX_01U (U350/60)71992100.620.86N/A99%
38B (B/123)1799150.890.940.9299%
39R (Rc/162)1799150.961.010.9999%
40I (BB#I_EIS)3599290.831.07N/A99%
41GLX_06U (U350/60)000 0%
42B (B/123)1799150.590.730.6599%
43R (Rc/162)1799251.051.76N/A99%
44I (BB#I_EIS)71982180.611.34N/A199%
45GLX_14U (U350/60)3599150.70.810.7449%
46B (B/123)1799150.710.790.7199%
47R (Rc/162)35992100.730.83N/A199%
48I (BB#I_EIS)000 0%
49GLX_17U (U350/60)000 0%
50B (B/123)000 0%
51R (Rc/162)000 0%
52I (BB#I_EIS)000 0%
53GLX_05U (U350/60)3599150.911.041.0149%
54B (B/123)1799151.011.31.1699%
55R (Rc/162)35993100.791.48N/A199%
56I (BB#I_EIS)71982180.651.77N/A199%
57GLX_13U (U350/60)000 0%
58B (B/123)000 0%
59R (Rc/162)35992100.71.5N/A199%
60I (BB#I_EIS)3419190.81.230.9294%
61GLX_18U (U350/60)000 0%
62B (B/123)000 0%
63R (Rc/162)1799151.041.221.1499%
64I (BB#I_EIS)000 0%
65GLX_11U (U350/60)000 0%
66B (B/123)1799150.730.880.7799%
67R (Rc/162)1799150.580.620.6299%
68I (BB#I_EIS)3419190.510.760.6694%
69GLX_12U (U350/60)000 0%
70B (B/123)000 0%
71R (Rc/162)50383140.651.04N/A279%
72I (BB#I_EIS)000 0%
73GLX_19U (U350/60)000 0%
74B (B/123)000 0%
75R (Rc/162)000 0%
76I (BB#I_EIS)000 0%
77GLX_21U (U350/60)000 0%
78B (B/123)000 0%
79R (Rc/162)000 0%
80I (BB#I_EIS)000 0%
81GLX_20U (U350/60)000 0%
82B (B/123)000 0%
83R (Rc/162)000 0%
84I (BB#I_EIS)000 0%

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Last update: Mar 14, 2005
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