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Release Directory Structure

The main directories in a MIDAS release are listed in Table [*] where also their support level and general content are given. The directories at the highest support level (i.e. 'A') are part of the MIDAS basic system or Core whereas general packages are placed at level 'B' in the subdirectory applic  . The lower levels (i.e. C-E) provide additional applications and are maintained at an increasingly lower support level.

Table: Main directories in a MIDAS release version.
Directory Support Usage
Mv/monit A MIDAS monitor
Mv/install A Installation utilities
Mv/incl A Header files for Core MIDAS   
Mv/system A General system utilities   
Mv/systab A System tables   
Mv/doc A Documentation   
Mv/libsrc A Source code for general MIDAS libraries   
Mv/prim A Core MIDAS   
Mv/test A Test and validation procedures    
Mv/lib A Object libraries for general MIDAS
Mv/applic B General applications   
Mv/stdred C Standard reduction packages   
Mv/context C Definition of contexts
Mv/contrib D Contributed packages   
Mv/gui D Graphical User Interfaces
Mv/util E General MIDAS related utilities

General applications are located in the two directories stdred and contrib     which have the same structure described in Table [*]. For each package, source code and documentation are placed in subdirectories named after the package, while executable files, MIDAS procedures, and object libraries are migrated to the appropriate directories during the installation.

Table: Subdirectories in the stdred and contrib directories.
Directory Usage Remarks
exec executable modules filled during installation   
lib object libraries filled during installation   
proc procedure files links to context procedure files 
help help files links to help files of the packages   
template template package example of an application package
package1 complete code for `` package1''  
4#4 code for other packages  
packagen complete code for `` packagen''  

Each of the package directories has the structure described in Table [*]. The required subdirectories must be present and contain all information related to the package. An application package is allowed to use object libraries, procedures and include files at the level A-B only. If application programs   within a package use header/include files or common subroutines, they should be placed in the appropriate directories. The source directories src and libsrc    should contain makefiles which compile and link the code and place the resulting executables and libraries in the directories in the higher level directories exec and lib    , respectively.

Table: Subdirectories in a package directory.
Directory Content Remarks
help Help-file for individual commands Required  
doc User documentation in LATEX Required  
proc Procedure files for commands Required 
test Test procedures and data Required  
src Source code Required 
etc Context file etc. Optional  
incl Header file Optional  
libsrc Source code for general package routines Optional  

In general, a given directory may either contain subdirectories or files but not both. The only exceptions to this rule are the AAREADME  and DESCRIPTION  file which give a short description of the content of a directory and application packages. These files are also present in directories with only subdirectories.

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