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Setup of MIDAS

In order to adjust MIDAS to your local hardware configuration, you have to make the following modifications:

  1. You must update the symbols MIDASHOME and MIDVERS in the files

  2. Edit the file MID_MONIT:START.COM and update the symbols MIDASHOME and MIDVERS, then and if you have a VAX cluster, modify the cluster node-name, and edit the file STARTB.COM as well. single node section and comment out the cluster section.

  3. In the file MID_MONIT:STARTA.COM you will have to modify the set up of the work stations: i.e. changing the names of the terminals to test if you are sitting in front of an image display (stations A0, A1, B0 and B1) in case of fixed terminal lines. If terminal lines are assigned via a PBX / LAN system it is not possible to detect the physical location of a user from the terminal name. In that case the test for stations A0,... has to be done through asking for the MIDAS unit (in the same way as for the "dummy" unit).

  4. The file MID_MONIT:DEVICES.COM holds the generic MIDAS names for the print/plot procedures on the default devices used by the MIDAS system, which are:

         LPRINT       for printing on the main line printer
         VERSA        for printing on an electro-static plotter
         PENPLOT      for printing on a pen plotter
         PLASER       for printing on Postscript black+white laser
         COLOUR       for printing on Postscript color laser
         SLIDE        for printing on PostScript slide (film) recorder
         LASER        device name for PostScript black+white laser
         TAPE0,TAPE1  for tape devices
    You have to edit this file in order to assign a MIDAS name to the default device (only one) for each device type existing at your site. All other devices of the same type ( e.g. other Postscript Laser printers) have to be accessed via their usual "system" name. The format for these updates is explained in DEVICES.COM.

  5. Edit the file MID_HELP:PRINTE.ALQ to reflect the setup of the printers and plotters at your site.

  6. Finally edit the file MID_HELP:TAPEDE.ALQ to reflect tape devices at your site.

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Rein Warmels
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