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Modifying the default configuration of MIDAS

If your system is ready for the default installation, you can proceed with the next section.

If you want to modify the default configuration, you can use the user-friendly procedure CONFIGMIDAS. The following tasks can be invoked:

      - MIDAS C compiler.
      - MIDAS display configuration.
      - MIDAS software configuration.
      - MIDAS installation.
      - MIDAS remove procedure.
      - MIDAS help.

One possible sequence of how to use CONFIGMIDAS could be:

        select: 1        List of MIDAS packages available:
                         All optional packages will be listed,
                         and a brief description can be displayed.
        select: 2        Select C compiler: VAX/VMS or GNU C compiler.
        select: 3        Select display: Deanza, X11 etc...
        select: 4,5,6    Select only CORE, ALL or those packages of 
                         MIDAS of your own selection.
        select: 7        Run INSTALLMIDAS.
        select: 8        Clean MIDAS: To remove unnecessary files.
        select: q        QUIT.

NOTE: See ['MIDASHOME'.95NOV .DOC.INSTALL]GCCVMS.PROBLEM file if you want to use the GNU GCC compiler.\

NOTE: You HAVE to run option 2 (Select compiler) and then option 1 (VMS C compiler) if your system is an OPEN-VMS machine.

Rein Warmels
Wed Apr 24 15:22:51 MET DST 1996