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Verifying MIDAS

To verify the correct installation of MIDAS at your site, you can now execute a set of verification procedures:

(answer "00" as MIDAS unit)
Midas 001> @ vericopy

The vericopy procedure will copy to your working directory the verification procedures and some data files. Some of these procedures use, by default, the display facilities, but they can be disabled with a given argument. To run the complete set of verification procedures, type:

Midas 002> @@ veriall

If you want to run a particular verification procedure, type:

Midas 002> @@ verify XX
where XX can be 1,3,4,5,6,7,t1,t2 or dio

The verification procedures are dessign to exercise MIDAS commands and to compare results with internal and correct values. They should stop and report to the operator if the tests detect problems with MIDAS commands.

NOTE: Distributed with the official tape and under ftp is now included a verification form. We kindly invite you to fill this form once you have finished the installation and verification of MIDAS and return it to the address written there (or via email by using the ASCII format file in ['MIDASHOME'.95NOV .doc.install]verification.doc)

Rein Warmels
Wed Apr 24 15:22:51 MET DST 1996