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Official announcement MIDAS99NOVpl2.2 on CD-ROM

Dear MIDAS Users,

the MIDAS Group of ESO is happy to announce
the ESO-MIDAS CD-ROM containing the release
99NOVpl2.2 (patch level 2.2) of ESO-MIDAS.

Available on this CD-ROM:

 -ESO-MIDAS 99NOVpl2.2 sources
 -ESO-MIDAS 99NOVpl2.2 binaries for:
              Intel/Linux 2.0.34 or higher
              Alpha/Linux 2.1.120 or higher
              HP-UX 9000 A.10.20
              HP-UX 9000 A.11.00
              Sun/Solaris 2.5 or higher
              Alpha/OSF1 V4.0
 -Calibration data for all platforms above
 -Demonstration data for all platforms above
 -ESO-MIDAS 99NOVpl2.2 ready to run from
   CD-ROM on PC/Linux
 -ESO-MIDAS 99NOV documentation in:
              Postscript format
              HTML format
 -Xephem 3.2.2 sources and binaries for Intel/Linux
 -The CD also includes, apart from the standard packages,
    the reduction recipes (implemented as MIDAS
     procedures) needed for the basic reduction of FORS1,
    FORS2 and UVES data. For each of those pipelines, the
     package includes a README file, the set of midas
    procedures and a set of master calibration frames. The user
     manuals are still in a draft form and have not been
     approved officially by the Instrument Scientists.

 How to Order

The CD-ROM is available to everyone interested in
the ESO-MIDAS. Research Institutes can order the CD-ROM
directly from the ESO-MIDAS Group by filling out the
ESO-MIDAS Problem Reporting Form
(please choose category distribution)
on the web page:


or just by sending an email to midas@eso.org. Others are kindly
invited to contact the Education and Public Relations
Department (e-mail: ips@eso.org).

To remind you, the ESO-MIDAS products contained
on the CD-ROM, are available via our anonymous ftp server:
ftp://ftphost.hq.eso.org/midaspub. The ftp services include
regular patches and updates of ESO-MIDAS.

Demonstration data files for the UVES reduction package are
not included on the Midas CD due to their size (approx. 400 MB).
On request ESO will provide you with a CD-ROM containing
these data.

Best regards,