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Official announcement of MIDAS 01FEBpl1.1

Dear MIDAS users,

since February 20, 2001 the 01FEBpl1.1 release of MIDAS
is available on our ftp accounts.

Please, note, that from now on there will be two Midas releases per
1) an internal release in February which will also be included in the
   corresponding VLT software release.
2) and the official release (with CD) in September which plays the same
   as our annual November releases in the past years.

The February release is available only as source code for download.
However, because of Paranal, we also have a binary version for HP UX-11.

In September, a CD-ROM will be published with the official 01NOVplx.x
release which will then also be available as binaries for different
A more detailed announcement will be sent out once this CD-ROM can
be ordered and when the binaries are on our ftp area.

To read the full, detailed announcement:

"Official Annoucement of the 01FEBpl1.1 ESO-MIDAS Release"

please visit our webpage:


Best of success and enjoy MIDAS!
        ESO-MIDAS group.

P.S. Now, the Midas releases are also synchronized with the ESO SciSoft