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MIDAS 95NOV patch level 2.0 available now!

Dear MIDAS users,

As from today the official 95NOVpl2.0 release of MIDAS is available
on our ftp accounts. 

Best of success and enjoy MIDAS!
	- ESO-MIDAS group.

 MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 official announcement
 1- What's new or upgraded in MIDAS 95NOV ?
 2- Platform availability
 3- Source and binary distribution of MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0
 4- MIDAS 95NOV documentation
 5- MIDAS under the GNU General Public License
 6- MIDAS on a CD-ROM
 7- Technical Support and Network Services

1- What's new or upgraded in MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0?
   The major change in the 95NOVpl2.0 release is not a software, but a 
   political one. After AIPS now also ESO-MIDAS is, from 95NOVpl2.0 on, 
   available under the GNU General Public License. That means, that not 
   only binaries of MIDAS but also sources can now be freely distributed 
   under certain conditions without a prior signed User Agreement.

   Sources and binaries of ESO-MIDAS are available in a unique anonymous 
   ftp account. Our previous restricted "midas" ftp account simply has 

   Unfortunately and in order to conform with the GNU License we have 
   edited almost all MIDAS sources, making almost impossible to 
   distribute a patch file containing the modified files since 
   95NOVpl1.0. Therefore, all MIDAS Sites are encouraged to retrieve
   all files and run the MIDAS installation procedure once again. 
   Sorry for the inconvenience.

   New or fixed in 95NOVpl2.0 (compared to 95NOVpl1.0)
   - Compilation error in PC/Linux 1.2.13
   - key=M$EXSISTD(file,descr) crashed for non-existing file on HP
   - Bug fixed and needed for EXSAS project
   - Workaround for "fseek()" bug in Ultrix 4.4
   - Minor error in XEchelle makefile
   - Increasing the maximun number of opened files from 20 to 64 in Solaris
   - Automatic test procedure for communication interfaces.
   - Bug fix causing cursor problems in the command LABEL/GRAPH
   - Bug fix for one entry in the identification table (command OVERPLOT/IDENT)
   - Error message in case of array overflow (command SEARCH/INVENT)
   - Improved help text for the command INTEGRATE/LINE
   - Motif GUIs statically linked for PC/Linux (ELF format)
   - NEW: Limited support of a World Coordinate System
   - Cleanup logging in MIDAS
   - Fix bug in the communication interfaces
   - Check for LABEL: and MIDAS comm. on same line
   - Fix keyword locking
   - Speed up CREATE/IMAGE with ASCII import
   - New option LIST for CREATE/IMAGE command
   - Fix defalut for param "drawflg" in MODIFY/PIXEL
   - AVERAGE/IMAGE with input in a cube
   - New command OUTDISK/FITS
   - New command GROW/CUBE
   - Max Desc. size. Now 65535 elements
   - Fix COPY/DISPLAY with NOPRINT option
   - Fix RESET/DISPLAY in companion mode
   - Bug fix in MODIFY/GCUR command
   - New command HST/SPEC convertings HST spectra
   - Reference to DEFINE/SLIT
   - Bug fixed in GUI Echelle for PC/Linux
   - Fix REBIN/ROTATE command with angle ~0.0
   - Make CGN_DSCUPD more robust
   - Fix TUTO/SPLIT command
   - Bug solution for command LABEL/GRAPH when string ends with 
     e.g. "\beta )"
   - Fix for incorrect coordinates in registration table in
     DIAPH/ROMAFOT command.
   - Increase of buffer size to enable object search on larger frame
   - Fix for MERGE/TABLE PROJECT/TABLE and COPY/IT commands when 
     applied to big tables
   - Fix in the decompression on-the-fly
   - Fix column check in COMPUTE/COLUMN command
   - Fix to avoid stripes in LUT when there are ther graphical 
     applications running.
   - Upgrade of LYMAN context
   - Fix table input for DRAW/CROSS
   - Add more symbols to LOAD/TABLE

2- Platform availability.
   MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 has been installed and verified on the following 

   - SUN SunOS/4.1.3     - HP HP-UX A.09.01   - PC Linux/1.2.13 (ELF)
   - SUN SunOS/5.4     (1) HP HP-UX A.10.01   - DEC OSF1/V3.2
   - SG IRIX/5.2         - IBM AIX/V2.3

   All installations were done with the native C and Fortran compiler
   with the exception of SunOS 4.1.3 where also the GNU C compiler
   was used.

   (1) MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 for HP HP-UX A.10.01 will be officially
       supported in March 1996.

   (2) MIDAS 95NOV port to VMS and Open/VMS is almost completed. 
       A new patch in March 1996 will be announced and distributed to
       support these platforms.

3- Source and binary distribution.
   95NOVpl2.0 is also available in binary format for all supported
   platforms. Binary copies of MIDAS are already compiled
   and ready to run. Installation is reduced to just the tuning of
   some configuration files.
   Source and binary copies of 95NOVpl2.0 are available in our 
   anonymous ftp account:

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   - Ftp account: "ftp". Password: <Your mail address>
   - Directories: /midaspub/95NOV/sources	(MIDAS sources)
                  /midaspub/95NOV/linux		(PC Linux/1.2.13)	
                  /midaspub/95NOV/hp_ux		(HP HP-UX A.09.01)
		  /midaspub/95NOV/alpha_osf	(DEC OSF1/V3.2)	
		  /midaspub/95NOV/ibm_aix	(IBM/AIX 3.2)	
		  /midaspub/95NOV/sg_irix	(SG IRIX/5.2)
		  /midaspub/95NOV/sun_os	(SUN SunOS/4.1.3)
		  /midaspub/95NOV/solaris	(SUN SunOS/5.4)
   - Files: README.<platform>

   For a proper installation of MIDAS sources follow the procedure 
   of the installation document (installunix) provided in PostScript
   and DVI format.

   MIDAS is distributed on all platforms with Graphical User 
   Interfaces using the Motif dynamic shared libraries. 
   For those platforms on which Motif is not distributed with the 
   system (e.g. Linux and SunOS 4.1.3), MIDAS GUIs with the Motif 
   library statically linked are also available in our anonymous ftp 

   - Directories: /midaspub/95NOV/linux/gui	(PC Linux/1.2.13) 
                  /midaspub/95NOV/sun_os/gui	(SUN SunOS/4.1.3)
   - Files: README.gui

4- MIDAS 95NOV documentation.
   ESO-MIDAS documentation is available in Postscript and DVI format
   (eventually also in HTML format) from our "anonymous" ftp account:

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   In our "anonymous" account:
   - Ftp account: "ftp". Password: <Your mail address>
   - Directory: /midaspub/95NOV/doc

   - Files: README.doc
            vol1.ps.Z        ESO-MIDAS Volume A: System
            vol2_ps.tar      ESO-MIDAS Volume B: Data Reduction
            vol3_ps.tar      ESO-MIDAS Volume C: Command Description
            env.ps.Z         ESO-MIDAS Environment.
            agldoc.tar.Z     AGL Documentation
            ididoc.ps.Z      IDI Documentation
	    midas-faq.doc.Z  ESO-MIDAS Frequent Asked Questions
	    midas-html.tar.Z ESO-MIDAS complete documentation in HTML

   In particular cases printed copies and updates of documentation 
   can also be obtained from ESO. If you absolutely need hardcopies 
   of the documentation please contact the User Support Group at 

5- ESO-MIDAS under the GNU General Public License
   ESO-MIDAS is a copyright protected software product of the 
   European Southern Observatory, and provides general tools for 
   image processing and data reduction 

   As of the 95NOV release, patch level 2.0, ESO-MIDAS is available
   under the GNU General Public License. This means that the 
   ESO-MIDAS system is available, free of charge and can freely
   redistributed on certain conditions. As a consequence of this 
   distribution policy User Agreements between research institutes 
   and ESO will not apply as of ESO-MIDAS release 95NOVpl2.0 and will
   not be prolongated when they expire. 

   A short statement if the GNU General Public License is included in
   all relevant ESO-MIDAS files and follows below. The full GNU 
   License text is included in the ESO-MIDAS release as separate
   text file.

	--------------- ooo -----------------
   Copyright (C) 1995 European Southern Observatory (ESO) 

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or 
   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as 
   published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
   License, or (at your option) any later version. 

   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, 
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of 
   General Public License for more details. 

   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License 
   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software 
   Foundation, Inc., 675 Massachusetss Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. 

   Corresponding concerning ESO-MIDAS should be addressed as follows:
   Internet e-mail: midas@eso.org
   Postal address: European Southern Observatory
   Data Management Division
   Karl-Schwarzschild-Straße 2
   D 85748 Garching bei Müchen
	--------------- ooo -----------------

   Our current schedule anticipates the generation and distribution of
   the patch level of MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 on CD-ROM by the end February 
   1996, or shortly thereafter.

   The distribution policy for this CD-ROM has not been decided yet
   but will be announced in this mailing list in the near future, as
   soon as the CD-ROM is available. The CD-ROM will include:

   - ESO-MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 sources
   - ESO-MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 binaries for:
        - PC/Linux (1.2.13 -ELF)
        - HP-UX 9000 A.09.01
        - Sun/SunOS 4.1.3
        - Sun/Solaris 2.4
        - Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.3
        - Alpha/OSF1 V3.2
        - IBM/RS6000 AIX 2.3
   - Calibration data for all platforms above
   - Demo data for all platforms above
   - ESO-MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 ready to run from CD-ROM on PC/Linux
   - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV documentation in:
        - Postscript format
        - DVI format
        - HTML format
   - Complete Slackware distribution 3.0.0 for PC/Linux
   - Xephem 2.8 (sources and PC/Linux binary)

7- Technical Support and Network Services:
   User support services for MIDAS can only be granted to registered 
   MIDAS sites, i.e. institutes and organisations and their employees,
   not to individuals. In order to register your site, you should 
   provide us with the following data concerning your site:
        - Name of the institute of organisation or institute;
        - Type of organisation (University/Commercial, Government);
        - Postal address and telephone number;
        - Name of the MIDAS contact person;
        - E-mail address of the MIDAS Contact person;
        - Short description of the computer hardware, including
          Operating System(s) display devices and other relevant info;

   Send this information by e-mail, fax, or surface mail to:
        Data Management Division - User Support Group.
        Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2,
        D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen
        E-mail (Internet): midas@eso.org
        Telefax:   +49-89-3202362

    A WWW registration form is in preparation and will be activated 
    soon. Please check the ESO-MIDAS WWW page on a regular basis:

   Other public services (see also the WWW pages) include:
        - Anonymous ftp: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
        - WWW:        http://http.hq.eso.org/midas-info/midas.html
        - help desk:  http://http.hq.eso.org/midas-info/midas-prform.html
        - mailing lists: 
             midas-announce (for official announcements)
             midas-users    (for general discussion).
          To subscribe send an e-mail to "midas-announce-request"
          or "midas-users-request" with the text "subscribe" in
          the body of the mail.
        - The ESO-MIDAS Courier: Newsletter of the MIDAS User's 
          Community. Distributed by traditional mail, but also 
          available on the WWW and by anonymous FTP account.
          Editor: rwarmels@eso.org