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patch for binary Solaris MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 distribution

20/03/96: If you have retrieved MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 for Solaris from the
          23/02/96 till 19/03/96 you will need this patch.

During the installation of MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 for Solaris I made the mistake
of using the libX11.so.5.0 for the link instead of the most common libX11.so.4.0
provided with Solaris under /usr/openwin/lib. Being a shared library you can not
run the binary "idiserv.exe" or any of the GUI binaries if you do not have
libX11.so.5.0. The error message you may get is :

ld.so.1: /opt/midas/95NOV/system/exec/idiserv.exe: fatal: libX11.so.5.0: can't o
pen file: errno=2

To fix this problem you can download the file 
ftp.hq.eso.org:/midaspub/95NOV/solaris/patch/guiX11R4.tar.Z (1.8MB)
and proceed as follows:

        % cd <midas_dir>
        % zcat guiX11R4.tar.Z | tar xvf -

NOTE: The current binary distribution of MIDAS for Solaris already fixes this
      error, thus this patch is not necessary.

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