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Patch file 95NOVpl2.1

Dear MIDAS users,

The patch file patch_pl2.1 (95NOVpl2.1 release of MIDAS) is now 
officially released. It can be retrieved for UNIX and VMS systems 
from our anonymous ftp account.

The main goal of this patch file is to port MIDAS to VMS and
OPEN/VMS  (70% of the files). Other bug fixes have been included,
but the patch file has only be tested in SunOS, Solaris and of course
VMS systems. We recommend to install the patch file just in case you 
are affected by any of bugs described here.

NOTE: There is no MIDAS binary distribution for 95NOVpl2.1.

New or fixed in patch_pl2.1.tar.Z:
   - Port to VMS and OPEN/VMS
   - Fix problem with filters having double precision descriptors for
     describing the leaks.
   - Fix for plotting large areas using commands PLOT/CONTOUR, /GRAY and /VECTOR
   - Fix for the command EXAMINE/ROMAFOT that terminated after the plotting of
     the first histogram.
   - Fix for computing alpha and delta in the command ASTROMETRY/COMPUTE
   - Fix undefined "copysign" on HPs
   - Set interactive FORMAT back to 94NOV values
   - Fix problems in SCDCOP (e.g. in COPY/TABLE command)
   - Fix writting of IDENT descriptor for result frame

The file patch_pl2.1 is available in our anonymous ftp account:

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   - Ftp account: "ftp". Password: <Your mail address>
   - Directory: /midaspub/95NOV/sources	
   For UNIX:
   - Files: README.patches
   For VMS:
   - Files: README.vms

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