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Dear MIDAS Sites and Users,

Although with some delay, the MIDAS group is happy to announce that
the CD-ROM with the first GNU version of ESO-MIDAS (version 95NOV,
patch level 2.0) has been released and is available for distribution.

In addition to all source code and documentation, the CD-ROM contains
the binaries code for various operating systems, included PC/Linux. In
particular, for the latter operating system, ESO-MIDAS can be run from
the CD-ROM directly. The CD-ROM also contains the Linux version 1.2.13
and the complete Linux Slackware 3.0.0. A complete description of the
products available on the CD-ROM follows below:
  - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV 2.0 sources
  - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV 2.0 binaries for:
          - PC/Linux 1.2.13
          - HP-UX 9000 A.09.01
          - Sun/SunOS 4.1.3
          - Sun/Solaris 2.4
          - Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.3
          - Alpha/OSF1 V3.0
          - IBM/RS6000 AIX 2.3
  - Calibration data for all platforms above
  - Demonstration data for all platforms above
  - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV documentation in:
          - Postscript format
          - DVI format
          - HTML format
  - Complete Slackware PC/Linux 3.0.0 distribution
  - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV 2.0 ready to run from CD-ROM on
    PC/Linux 1.2.13 with demonstration and calibration

For those how intend to install ESO-MIDAS on their PC/Linux system,
please note the following minimum system requirements:
  - PC with microprocessor 386 or higher (486 or higher recommended)
  - 8 Mbyte of RAM
  - 200 Mbyte of hard disk space, depending on space requirements
    for actual data
  - CD-ROM drive
  - Super VGA with 256 colours
  - Linux operating system, version 1.2.13 or later

The CD-ROM is available to everyone interested in the ESO-MIDAS. Sites
who previously had signed a ESO-MIDAS User Agreement (obsolete because
of the GNU Public License under which ESO-MIDAS is now distributed)
will received the ESO-MIDAS CD-ROM in the coming weeks. Other sites
without previous ESO-MIDAS User Agreements should contact
   Resy de Ruijsscher,
   European Southern Observatory
   Data Management Division - User Support Group
   email: midas@eso.org

To remind you, the ESO-MIDAS products contained on the CD-ROM, are
available via our anonymous ftp server (ftphost.hq.eso.org). The server
can accessed by the WWW: ftp://ftphost.hq.eso.org/midaspub/ The ftp
services include regular patches and updates of ESO-MIDAS.

Rein Warmels
Rein H. Warmels                            Internet:  rwarmels@eso.org
European Southern Observatory      ,__0    Fax:       +49-89-32006480
Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2      -\_<,    Telephone: +49-89-32006292
D 85748 Garching bei Muenchen   (*)/'(*)