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Availability of sources for DAOPHOT in MIDAS 98NOV

Hello and happy New Year 2000 to people at ESO and elsewhere.

 In the distribution of MIDAS 98NOV, the sources for the DAOPHOT package
are no longer supplied (directory
/softl/midas/98NOV/contrib/daophot/src). At our size we modified the
image size parameters (MAXFRM in allstar.for, MAXPIC in daophot.for) in
former MIDAS versions and recompiled the programs to be able to handle
big images (4096 x 4096 pixels). 
There is no indication in the README file in 98NOV that these values
have been increased so I would like to know if there have been any
modifications in DAOPHOT between 97NOV and 98NOV in order I can use the
old sources to recompile the programs.
  Thanks in advance for any answer,
                          Bernard Debray
                          Observatoire de Besancon