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Re: Availability of sources for DAOPHOT in MIDAS 98NOV

Dear Bernard Debray, dear MIDAS users,

>  In the distribution of MIDAS 98NOV, the sources for the DAOPHOT package
> are no longer supplied (directory
> /softl/midas/98NOV/contrib/daophot/src).

This is not correct. The DAOPHOT sources should be still there and I
checked this on the CD-ROM (98NOVpl2.1) as well as on my computer
So maybe something went wrong on your computer? I would recommend you to
use either the CD-ROM (I think you got one?) or to get the 98NOVplx.x.tar.Z
file from our ftp server again.

> At our size we modified the image size parameters (MAXFRM in allstar.for,
> MAXPIC in daophot.for) in
> former MIDAS versions and recompiled the programs to be able to handle
> big images (4096 x 4096 pixels).

98NOVpl2.1 contains already almost the same changes (limits set to 4100 x
4100 pixels).

> There is no indication in the README file in 98NOV that these values
> have been increased
The new limits for DAOPHOT were announced in the news for 98NOVpl2.1:

as well as in the news.alq file in

which can be accessed from the MIDAS session via:
help [News]

> so I would like to know if there have been any
> modifications in DAOPHOT between 97NOV and 98NOV in order I can use the
> old sources to recompile the programs.

The only modification in the DAOPHOT context is the new limit. However,
probably it's easier if you just use the official MIDAS version instead of
copying old files from 97NOV into 98NOV (and soon into 99NOV).
And I just see that before the 98NOV release there where two minor changes
in the FORTRAN code to avoid warnings.

As 99NOVpl2.0 will be released very soon, you might just wait another
couple of days to get the latest MIDAS version.

Best regards,
Petra Nass