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Command MODIFY/GCURSOR : first pixel of the images cannot be modified


  A small misbehaviour occurs with command MODIFY/GCURSOR (in MIDAS
98NOV, but the same things happens using MIDAS 97NOV).
If one attempts to modify the content of a range of pixels of the image
including the first one, the content of all pixels is modified but not
the first. There is no symmetrical problem (the last pixel is modified
correctly with command MODIFY/GCURSOR). 

Example :

CREATE/IMAGE trial 1,101 -50.,1. POLY 0.,1.,1.
set/graph bin=on           
modify/gcurs trial trial2 ? @1,@10

If one clicks on pixel two and three, the contents are correctly
If one clicks on pixel one and two, the content of pixel one remains

 May be this can be fixed before the release of MIDAS 99NOV.

 Best regards,
                  Bernard Debray
                  Observatoire de Besancon